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 ONLINE THERAPY - Finally, access to therapy from anywhere in California!
No matter where you live in California, you now have access to LGBT supportive therapy online! 

What to expect:
      Just like the types of therapy clients receive in my office, you will receive the same caring treatment and supportive interventions that you need to be able to resolve life issues and gain a stronger sense of self-empowerment.  The difference is that you are comfortable at home with no need to travel, and can be logging in from any part of the State!  No traffice jams, struggles in making it to an appointment, or waiting room encounters! You can literally log on from the comfort of your living space!
Resolve family issues, relationship issues, and other issues that have mede you feel anxious, worried, depressed, or stuck in life. I work with coming out issues, transitioning and adjustment issues for people with transgender situations, dealing with effects of negative stigma, addressing and resolving trauma and family issues, developing positive and supportive relationships, and becoming more whole in an active and engaged life that makes you happy.  

How to start:
      Email or call me and let me know you would like to receive online therapy.  We will discuss cost, fee rates, availability, and your therapy need to make sure it is suitable for an online format. Then, I will email you the necessary forms to complete. To begin online therapy,. we will schedule an online intake appointment. You will receive a link with an access code to log on confideintially. You simply need an internet connection and a device to connect with.  The platform works on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices. Payment for sessions is easily made by PayPal, google Wallet, VenMo, or another electronic method of your choice. From there, we develop a support plan, set goals, and get to work!  


  • Offered to LGBT clients in California to provide affirming, accessible therapy from a therapist who understands experiences of LGBT individuals. Includes transgender mental health support for successful transitioning!
  • Available for private payment and some insurance reimbursement when insurance companies are willing to cover online therapy and reimbursement.
  • Affordable rates based on ability to pay
  • Not an appropriate format for people with difficulties that require hospitalization, or are court referra clientsl, dv/court diversion clients, or clients in active use phase of addiction.
  • Adults 18 and over, and Teens aged 14 and up welcome (but requires parental conesent until age 18.)
  • I use a teleconference platform with encryption and access codes to protect your safety and privacy.

If interested in receiving online therapy, don't forget to include this in your intro email or phone call!.  Contact me so we can begin and you can receive the help you need to feel better!


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